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Solanaceae Plant Medicine


The solanaceae family of plants contains several members that have centuries old histories of being employed for intoxicant, magical, medical, mystical, other uses.

The solanaceae family plants most often employed for these purposes include belladonna, brugmansia, datura, henbane, mandrake.

If you ingest any of these plants for whatever reason, do so with caution and keep in mind that because of the alkaloids present they can cause death.

The potency of the material that comes from these plants will vary depending on things like the growing conditions, when they are harvested, storage conditions.

Keep the dose size as small as possible and do not assume that a certain amount from a particular batch will produce the same results if you get a new batch.

Suppose the first time you obtain plant material that it came from a plant that was grown under conditions, or the material had been stored in conditions that were less than optimal, and that resulted in a low alkaloid content.

The next time you obtain plant material, the potency might be several times greater. You might try to consume an amount equal to what provided adequate results from the less potent batch and overdose on more potent stuff.

Over time potency will decrease, so material should be stored in airtight containers in a dark cool area like a fridge. Start out with small doses and work your way up until you find a dose that works for you.

Even in small quantities it would be beneficial not to consume any form of solanaceae plant medicine on a daily basis. Try to wait at least a week or longer. Better still, wait a month.

At small dose levels side effects like dry mouth and dilated pupils are common. The side effects listed below are generally encountered at larger dose levels and can include:

--- fever
--- nausea
--- agitation
--- vomiting
--- dizziness
--- confusion
--- hyperactivity
--- intense thirst
--- slurred speech
--- impaired vision
--- heart palpitations
--- sensitivity to light
--- difficulty speaking
--- combative behavior
--- high blood pressure
--- muscle contractions
--- trouble with balance
--- difficulty swallowing
--- trouble with urination
--- hyperthermia (heatstroke)

Nausea is common when these plants are consumed at high dose levels, and can be accompanied by vomiting. Diarrhea and frequent urination may also occur.

If you decide on working with solanaceae plant medicine for any reason, do so in a place where you have quick and easy access to a toilet.

These substances are best restricted to medical or other purposes rather than getting high. People who take them to just get high will usually have a negative experience.

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