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Ololiuqui (Turbina corymbosa)

Ololiuqui Information

Turbina corymbosa, also known as Rivea corymbosa, is the botanical name of the plant more commonly known as ololiuqui. It is part of the Convolvulaceae family of plants. The Convolvulaceae family is commonly known as the bindweed or morning glory family.

The most well known of plants in the Convolvulaceae family are a group of plants commonly called morning glory plants.Turbina corymbosa and most other members of the family are commonly called morning glory plants, but there are species in the family that are not.

Turbina corymbosa has seeds that can be employed for medical, shamanic, spiritual, recreational purposes. In older references Turbina corymbosa was considered part of the Ipomoea genus under the name Ipomoea corymbosa.


Classification Of Turbina corymbosa
Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Solanales
Family: Convolvulaceae
Genus: Turbina
Species: T. corymbosa

This plant is indigenous to Mexico. It can now be found growing wild in Mexico and most parts of Central America, the American Gulf Coast, as well as the West Indies.

Turbina corymbosa is a climbing vine with white flowers and heart shaped leaves. The plant is an ornamental, and is a favorite among bees due to its nectar.

The word ololiuqui itself refers to the seeds of the plant. It is based on the Nahuatl, a group of related languages that originated in Mexico, meaning round thing.

Chemistry Of Turbina corymbosa

Even though natives of Central America have utilized the seeds for their hallucinogenic properties for centuries, it was only in the early 1960s that Dr. Albert Hofmann identified the active compounds in Turbina corymbosa seeds.

The major chemical components of Turbina corymbosa seeds are ergot alkaloids. The embryo of the seed can contain about 0.012% to 0.07% ergot alkaloids, including LSA, also known as ergine.

LSA can make up 50% of the psychoactive alkaloid total. A secondary ergot alkaloid existing in ololiuqui seed is isoergine, with the presence of lesser amounts of chanoclavine, elymoclavine, lysergol. (reference 1)

Although they all contain ergot alkaloids, ololiuqui seeds contain a larger percentage of LSA when compared with hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory seeds.

The effects of ololiuqui seeds, when ingested by humans for their psychoactive properties, are less like LSD in comparison to hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory seeds.

The higher levels of LSA are at least partially responsible. LSA is only moderately psychedelic. In addition to LSA, all 3 plants have different proportions of other ergot alkaloids.

There is a rare chance of overdose after ingesting large amounts of seed, an overdose could be fatal. Severe adverse reactions are possible for someone who is sensitive to the chemicals present.

When ingestion is fatal, high doses of Turbina corymbosa seeds will cause death from respiratory arrest. If you or someone you are with has consumed ololiuqui seeds and is having serious breathing difficulties, seek medical assistance.

In cases where overdose is life threatening;
--- Empty contents of stomach.
--- Administer sodium sulphate and medicinal charcoal.
--- Electrolyte substitution.
--- Check acidosis.
--- Provide intubation and oxygen respiration for respiratory arrest or paralysis. ( reference 2)

Availability Of Turbina corymbosa

If you are interested in cultivating your own plants for medicine or some other purpose, you might be able to find ololiuqui seeds at a local nursery.

Seeds for growing Turbina corymbosa plants can occasionally be found at amazon or ebay. Grown outdoors, the plant does well in tropical climates and likes copious amounts of water. It will not tolerate frost.

When purchasing Turbina corymbosa seeds one has to be careful. Sometimes morning glory seeds are substituted by vendors who may have the 2 types of seeds confused.

Whether this is by accident or on purpose is up to the seller to explain. Turbina corymbosa seeds usually sell for a higher price than psychoactive morning glory seeds, so the seller benefits if they are substituted.

Turbina corymbosa seeds are generally lighter in color when compared to psychoactive morning glory seeds from the Ipomoea genus. If the seeds you are thinking of purchasing are very dark colored, avoid purchasing them.

Seeds will retain their potency for about a year if stored in a dark, dry, and cool space. After that, they will start to lose potency.

Turbina corymbosa Seed Dose Size

In most parts of the globe buying and selling ololiuqui seeds is legal for horticultural and most other similar applications.

However, depending on where you live it may be illegal to distribute or obtain ololiuqui seeds with the intent of consuming them as a drug.

In some countries, including the USA, it is illegal to extract the psychoactive ergot alkaloids from ololiuqui and other sources of the chemical alkaloids.

Although rare, an overdose can cause death. Bad judgement while under the influence may cause a person to perform and act that might be fatal.

For example driving a car after ingesting ololiuqui seeds might cause a person to react in such a manner as to cause fatalities to oneself or others.

Suicide while under the influence of ololiuqui seeds is also possible. This should be a concern for people in a negative mood or those with mental health issues.

The first time you try ololiuqui seeds, no more than 10-25 seeds are recommended. If 10-25 seeds proves unsatisfactory, increase the dose size by 25 seed each time you try until you find a dose size you are comfortable with.

Wait for at least a week between attempts and always have a sitter, someone who is not taking drugs to look after the situation, present. 10-25 seeds is a relatively small dose and many people will feel nothing.

50-100 ololiuqui seeds is the dose range most people consider moderate to strong. 50 seeds may be enough to produce satisfactory results for some people, while others may require up to 100 seeds to obtain the same results.

But depending on the individual, the effects of even low doses of ololiuqui seed can be extreme. The maximum recommended dose is 100 seeds for someone who has tried lower dose amounts but found they were not strong enough.

If 100 ololiuqui seeds doesn't do anything for you, chances are the seeds you have are no good, or for some reason your body doesn't respond to the active chemicals.

Never take more than 50 seeds at a time unless you have worked your way up to that dosage by starting at a lower dose and increased your dose by 25 seeds each new attempt. For most people 50-100 seeds are enough for a strong dose.

Ingesting larger quantities of seeds in search of a stronger experience is not a good idea. As doses start to exceed 100-150 seeds, the user will tend to vomit or feel side effects, rather than get more intoxicated.

Effects are less similar to LSD, when compared with hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory seeds. In contrast, ololiuqui seeds produce a less psychedelic and more sedating hypnotic trance, with a more emotional component.

Although the plant is considered to be a type of morning glory, the number of ololiuqui seeds that need to be consumed is small, in contrast with the number of seeds that need to be ingested from psychoactive morning glory plants in the Ipomoea genus.

Good and bad experiences are possible. The best way to ensure positive results is pay attention to proper set and setting. Consume while in a good frame of mind with people you trust in a safe location.

A common way to consume the seeds is to grind them into small pieces with a coffee grinder, hammer, mortar and pestle, pepper mill, or something similar. Then mix the powder with water or drinking alcohol for 60 minutes or more, stirring occasionally, then drinking.

Some people put the crushed seeds in water or alcohol and let them sit in a cool and dark area for 1-7 days, stirring or shaking occasionally, before consumption. They filter out the seeds themselves and just drink the water or alcohol.

The water can be mixed with fruit juice concentrate or something similar to make it more palatable. Dry seeds can also be ground up and put in gelatin capsules or chewed for a while and swallowed.

People will sometimes try extraction as a means obtaining the active chemicals present in the seeds, while leaving less desirable compounds out of the mix.

On an empty stomach the effects can start to be felt in 15-30 minutes, nausea is common at the beginning but often subsides as time passes. In most cases the peak effects will start to be felt in about 60-120 minutes.

However, some people might not start to peak until more than 120 minutes after ingestion. After they start, the peak will usually last for 2-6 hours. Some people can peak for longer periods.

When you start to feel the effects kick in, smoking some marijuana can really set things into motion. In some cases marijuana also helps settle the stomach and reduce nausea.

Small to moderate doses can be enlightening or mind opening experiences with slight similarities to those of ingesting LSD. Larger doses can be alarming and frightening to some people.

Nausea, sleepiness, feeling like you are in a dream, inability to concentrate or think clearly are common. Visual phenomena including hallucinations can occur.

Some people report strong visionary experiences while others say they encountered no visuals. Even people who have ingested them on multiple occasions say sometimes they do, other times they do not experience visuals.

Potency may vary between different batches of seeds depending on such things as growing conditions, storage conditions, how old they are, as well as other factors.

Do not assume that because a certain number of seeds from one batch produced results you like that the same number of seeds from another batch will do the same.

Like hawaiian baby woodrose and morning glory seeds that contain similar chemicals, ololiuqui seeds should not taken by pregnant women because they may cause a miscarriage.

Be cautious and start with a small dose your first time. To reduce the chances of a negative experience only consume the seeds with people you trust in an environment where you feel comfortable.

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